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Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts

yorkie haircuts

Yorkies are some of the most loved and cutest looking doggies out there and with the right cut they can be even cuter. One of the best features of the Yorkshire terrier is that they have a generally thicker coat of fur allowing for a number of different and exciting haircuts and styles.

Popular Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts

Westie Yorkshire Terrier Haircut

Yorkie Westie Haircut

This hairstyle should be perfect for dogs who love to stay active all the time but also want to maintain a semi-long traditional Yorkie hairstyle.

To achieve this yorkie haircut style for your dog, you will be trimming the whole body.

Starting from the side of the base of ears and then reach yourself to the down of the face. You should trim in such a way that all the hairs are rounded inwards. The hairs on the forehead side can tie at the back side in the form of a knot, or you can even shave it off. You can even use this hairstyle as a base and modify it as you see fit, there are so many variations! To achieve a healthy looking shine remember to follow up with a leave-in conditioner.

Squared Puppy Yorkshire Terrier Haircut

yorkie square cut

To give your puppy the center of attention look while walking in a crowd then choosing this next Yorkie haircut might be the one for you. It is a tidy and smart look really bringing out the inner gentleman of your Yorkshire terrier – if he’s a boy that is.

To achieve the squared look the full primary coat of the main body hair is shaved, while the head receives some detailed grooming.

Start by trimming the facial hairs in a neat and clean way so that you can create a square bob. The forehead hairs should be cut to about 1 inch in length – you might add a bit of gel to finish of the square-look. As with many styles this one can also vary, feel free to experiment a bit with lengths on different parts or maybe even some flaring around the paws to contrast with the close body shave. Remember if you want to add a knot of some kind to this hairstyle, be sure to leave some length in where applicable.

3 Stack Yorkshire Terrier Haircut

yorkie layeredHere’s another exciting and unusual Yorkshire Terrier Haircut for you both to try. For a classy yet unique style look no further than the 3 stack Yorkshire terrier haircut.

The whole head is trimmed down to a length of around 1 inch. This will be the first layer of the style. The second layer will be created by trimming the back so that it stops around 1 inch above the floor, leave a bit longer if you see fit.

The third and final layer will be starting from the top of each of the legs and should be trimmed to stop just slightly above floor level. As you can imagine this style needs adequate and regular grooming once a month with little touch ups here and there to maintain the original look.


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