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Dog Safe Hair Dye Gels

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Whether you’re concerned about the potential harmful side-affects of ammonia or bleach, or you just don’t want to put your dog through the shame of having to live with a permanent dye job gone wrong! A dog safe hair dye that is temporary or semi-permanent may be the way forward.

Semi-Permanent Color

There are many different kinds of semi-permanent dyes and other dog hair color products on the market from hair chalk, glitter to blow pens and pastes, some people are even resorting to using food coloring. While we wouldn’t recommend the latter, semi-permanent dye gels on the other hand should be on your shopping list of products to at least dabble with.

Advantages of using gels

    • Water based and non-toxic
    • Usually comes out in just a few washes (see product) and is completely non-toxic
    • Can last for 3-5 weeks (without washing)
    • Safer for younger dogs (5+ months)
    • Some color gels can even be used on cats!

Which Gel Should I Try?

When buying anything that will go near or touch your dog’s skin it’s important to always read the label. Only choose from the more established brands with a solid reputation, as for dye gels you generally want to look out for water-based gels approval by the FDA, FD&C and the Personal Care Products Council.

As an added layer of safety we would also recommend you first test out any dye product on a small section to see if your dog has any kind of allergic reaction.

Pick up a quality product

dog safe hair dye

In addition to safety concerns you also want to take into account the overall quality and final color result to expect from a specific product. Dogs with black fur, for example, are notoriously difficult to dye with lighter colors such as pink.

That said, although it is important to manage your own expectations, some gels out there can have a really dull and wishy washy color result no matter what you do or your dog’s fur type.

Top Performance Hair Dye Gel

The pet hair dye gel range from Top Performance is definitely a solid option. Not only can it be used on cats too but it is certified safe for dogs over 3 months old. While you may want to wait until she’s a bit older, the fact that the gel is suitable for dogs as young as 12 weeks does provide some comfort as we know the dye is safe and non-toxic.

The color quality is also very good, vibrant and will last a while before fading. Usually holds with good vibrancy for about 3-4 weeks depending on your dog’s fur type.

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