Dog Hair Dye: Is it ethical and safe to use?

dog hair dye

When it comes to dog hair dye, or ‘painting’ your dog’s fur, there can often be concerns over health and happiness, in addition to whether or not changing the natural fur color is really an ethical thing to do.

In the end to dye or not to dye is a question only we as individuals and pet owners can truly answer, after all you know your dog better than anyone else.

Owners that do not put their dog’s well-being first simply shouldn’t be owners. Whether that be going ‘over the top’ on a full body dye job without proper planning, consideration for the dog or verifying the dye is safe to use or leaving a dog at home alone all day everyday (something often overlooked).

Is dog hair dye actually safe?

opawz dog hair dye

There are mixed feelings on the actual level of safety that can be guaranteed when using any kind of hair dye or pet paint, and while some products claim to have veterinary seals of approval you should still be very careful when choosing the right brand of hair dye. One thing you should avoid at all costs is using human hair dye.

You always want to be sure to test any kind of dye on a small section prior to carrying out a dye job on a larger scale. Apply the test and wait at least 24 hours periodically checking the skin carefully for any signs of irritation or inflammation.

Additionally, if you have never dyed your dog’s hair before it would be wise to use a temporary dye before moving onto a more permanent solution. That way you can wash out the dye relatively easy should any problems arise.

A few points to remember:

  • Use only hair dye or ‘paint’ designed for dogs
  • Take into account your pet’s stress levels, especially if applying the dye takes a while
  • Avoid applying to particularly sensitive areas such as near the eyes, nose, mouth. Additionally keep in mind that your dog may be prone to licking, you’ll want to limit her ability to do so until the dye sets and has been rinsed through.
  • Test in advance for allergies and irritation

Temporary Hair Color

If you’re unsure about using permanent hair dye take a look at the kinds of temporary dyes available and test on a small section of the fur beforehand.

Temporary color is usually easily removed and there are a few water-based options to choose from such as gels which are non-toxic, alcohol-free, bleach-free, ammonia-free, that come out with just a single wash in most cases.

Note: If you’re new to all this PetPaint is a cost effective and reliable one to try as the first veterinary approved temporary hair dye.

Semi-Permanent Dye Gels

Semi-permanent dye gels are one of the hottest new products being used in creative dog grooming today. They are usually non-toxic and semi-permanent lasting up 4 to 6 washes, though please always read the label carefully prior to use.

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